Sunday, January 1, 2012


I will laugh more
And obsess less
I will read more
I will want less
I will run more
I will yell less
I will listen more
I will be organized
I will have a spotless house
I will not feel guilty if I don't
I will learn to play the guitar
I will try new recipes
I will jump on the trampoline with my kids
I will not take any of these moments for granted


Christi said...

Happy New Year!

Monica said...

You are so adorable!!! I love your new year's post. very inspiring!!! WE loved your card and love your family! Happy New Year and hopefully we'll come for a visit this summer!

Zina said...

"I will have a spotless house
I will not feel guilty if I don't"

Love those goals.

Um, wear wrist braces when you jump on the trampoline, okay?

(Sorry, I'm paranoid since breaking my wrist--people tell you all their stories, and someone told me one about a mom who got hairline fractures in both forearms while playing on the trampoline with her kids, and then she had to go around with two casted arms held up in front of her, kind of like a bunny holding up its paws.)